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The FAR Fund

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Neil Altman, PhD

Christopher Bonovitz, PsyD

Kate Dunn, PsyD

Elizabeth Kandall, PhD

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The Fostering Connection (TFC) serves the child welfare community by offering long-term

pro-bono psychotherapy to children, youth and families affected by foster care. We also provide consultation services and ongoing support to a wide range of professionals who work to address the many needs of this population.

Everyone needs strong, sustained connections with dependable people in order to advance
successfully through life.  For young people and families whose lives have been affected by the foster care system, the idea of depending on anyone – especially a therapist – might feel impossible.  This is especially true for those whose young lives have already experienced trauma, ruptured attachments, and loss. 

While mental health clinics and other organizations designed to serve the needs of this
population exist, they can feel impersonal and rule-laden because they are serving such a large number of people.  At TFC, we offer each client the opportunity to connect with a seasoned, well-trained therapist, in a private practice office, at no cost, for as long as he or she wants to come. 

TFC therapists are licensed psychologists and social workers, many with advanced training and specialized skill working with trauma and disorders of attachment. Each TFC therapist volunteers to see one foster-affected person. All our therapists also participate in one of TFC’s weekly consultation groups, which offer therapists critical support and guidance, an opportunity to solve problems and share solutions with others, and a chance to reflect on and learn from the challenges of this work. The weekly consultation groups are a vital support to our therapists, and contribute to their ability to weather the difficulties of providing long-term therapy to this population.

As a small, nimble organization, TFC can focus on the specific, individual needs of its clients.  We take seriously the task of cultivating the budding relationships between our clients and volunteer therapists.  By emphasizing the building of a positive attachment with each client, we strive to counteract the unintended negative effects of the foster care system.  Therapy has a much better chance of making a difference in someone’s life if a true, safe connection has been established. 

About TFC

​Current Board Members


Shamar Hill


Megan Ice, PhD


Jenny Kaufmann, PhD

David Price, LCSWR

Julie Sahlein, LCSW


Marina Stolerman, PsyD

Clinical Director


Past Board Members


Elizabeth Kandall, PhD

Neil Altman, PhD

Michael Berlin

Eric Brettschneider

Francine Cournos, MD

Carol Eagle, PhD

Rita Frankel, PhD (deceased)

Richard H. Fulmer, PhD 

Ronald E. Richter

Robert Rose

Steven Rosenheck, PhD

Russell Saunders, LCSW

Larry Zelnick, PsyD