"What I believe is special about TFC is that it has raised the standard of treatment available to children in foster care. The therapists with whom I have interfaced have been wholly invested in providing quality treatment to our clients."

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Provides  high-quality psychotherapy to New York City children, youth, and families affected by foster care—at no cost.

About TFC

A Word from our co-founder Neil Altman, Ph.D.:

Despite many efforts to provide for the child taken into care, experiences in the foster care system can be de-humanizing and insensitive to the emotional needs of children. Racial and class-based exploitation, misunderstanding and oppression can compound the often depriving conditions of foster care.  As psychotherapists to these young people, it is among our top priorities to remain open to the impact of racial, cultural, and social class differences between each of us and the foster youth we see in therapy.  We take for granted that learning in this area is a never-ending process and that we must work to develop open communication so that the people we see will feel free to tell us when they feel misunderstood. This form of open communication is a crucial part of the therapy process as we see it, promoting growth and change for all concerned. 

The Fostering Connection is proud to be an incubator project of the

Fund for the City of New York.


"This is what I've been looking for, a way to be part of a community that is interested like I am, to give to an underserved population."

– a therapist