A note of thanks to the TFC Community -

We wish to thank all of our volunteer therapists and Board members, past and present, for helping to shape and guide this organization and community. Thank you to our foundation funders and individual donors for their generosity and ongoing support. Thank you to our referral sources and partner agencies that recognize the quality of our services and the needs of their clients or family members, and who make the recommendation and help support their client or kin. Thank you especially to our clients and families for the willingness to participate in therapy and to work to build a stronger future for yourself and your loved ones.

One-to-One Match:

Our One-to-One match, offers long-term psychotherapy to foster-involved children, youth and families, with licensed psychotherapists in their private offices, at no cost. Our therapists are skilled psychologists and social workers in private practice with expertise in the clinical treatment of attachment-related disorders. Many of our therapists have undertaken post-graduate training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. All have been screened by our clinical director, and all participate in weekly consultation groups, led by expert clinicians, to gain the support and guidance they need to sustain their work. We accept referrals from organizations that we have developed partnerships with. Each referral is carefully screened by our clinical director, and if appropriate, matched with one of our volunteer therapists. Once a referral is accepted as a TFC client and a therapist match is made, the therapy proceeds as a private, confidential relationship between therapist and patient, for as long as needed or desired. Youth do not “age out” of TFC; a young person may continue to see a TFC therapist regardless of age or current foster care status.

Our Services

Consultation Support Groups: 

Our Consultation Initiative brings TFC’s highly regarded consultation support groups to helping professionals in organizations that serve foster children. Consultation support groups offer professionals working in foster care the opportunity to gain insight by reflecting on their experiences, sharing the challenges of the work they do  and exchanging successful strategies with their peers. They learn how to better manage the “crisis-to-crisis” cycle with their clients and find ways to prevent burn-out. Through the Consultation Initiative, a TFC volunteer therapist facilitates a monthly or bimonthly consultation support group on site, complementing the existing support, supervision and in-service programming that organizations provide to their staff. The goal of TFC’s Consultation Initiative is to provide child welfare staff with an unstructured, supportive and reflective experience, one that will help them weather their challenging caseloads and sustain their engagement with difficult clients.

We currently offer consultation support groups to the following organizations and participants:

Cardinal McCloskey Services (Social Workers serving children in foster boarding homes)

Legal Aide Society (Social Work Borough Supervisors in the Juvenile Rights Division)

Nurse Family Partnership (Nurse Home Visitors in the Targeted Citywide Initiative)