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City Living NY is a unique, holistic after-care program, working with youth aging out of foster care to transition successfully into adulthood by providing essential resources and in-depth support.


Founded in 2005 and led by parents impacted by the family policing system, Rise is a non-profit publication that believes parents have the answers for their families and communities. They work to create safe spaces where impacted parents can reflect on their lives, connect with peers, learn about the family policing system’s history and policies, strengthen their writing, public speaking, and advocacy skills, and mobilize their communities for justice.


A National Network for Youth in Foster Care offers information and activities on pages specific to youth and adults.


Fair Futures is a youth-led advocacy movement and a coalition of 100+ organizations and foundations advocating for all young people in New York City’s foster care system to have access to the long-term, comprehensive support they need to achieve their potential.

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